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3XY3D Guinea On The Air, Fun!

Eat Sleep Ham Radio DXThis indeed may be my highlight QSO of 2017 so far.  I’ll set the stage – it’s 2230Z, 3:30 in the afternoon local time here in Denver, 2:30 on the West Coast, 5:30 on the East Coast. Broad daylight across North America and the absolute toughest time to “compete” for a QSO, especially into Africa. Everybody across North America is hearing 3XY3D in Guinea well at 0330Z. Even tougher, a simplex CW QSO. I guess the only thing harder would have been a weekend when everybody is off and playing radio. It took 15 minutes of listening to the pile-up just for my ears to get accustomed to 3XY3D’s tone, speed and rhythm, but once I did – I snagged him.  Hard to believe listening to this recording that you can actually train your brain to hear your target coming through at a fraction of the strength of the stations calling, but that little peanut in my coconut can still do it. What a great pile-up!  We need more of these!

N0UN working 3XY3D 20M CW (simplex)


For a band that’s been dead, he was a lot easier to work on 15 Meters SSB this morning!

N0UN working 3XY3D 15M SSB



More 3XY3D information at

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