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5A1AL Libya OQRS and LoTW

5A1AL Abubaker (front row, white suit)

5A1AL Abubaker (front row, white suit)

5A1AL is an old friend of mine since the 90’s. Abubaker would regularly stop by 14.240 with WA2JUN (SK) and the 240 DX Group.  He was using the 5A1A Club Station in Tripoli back in the day.  Abubaker then traveled back and forth to Germany to earn his degree and well, 5A was rarely (if ever) heard from again.

Until a few years ago when Abubaker came back on the air.

Abubaker had to jump through many, many hoops to get licensed as 5A1AL, get accredited by the DXCC program and figure a way to get (and stay) on the air.  And he did all this while starting his new family.

His determination has always made many of us that know him smile, and even today 20 years later, he still makes me smile – here’s why:

I saw the spot for 5A1AL on 17 Meters CW this morning around 1600Z, so I swung the monobander to Libya, and there he was – a new bandfill for me!  And then a few hours later when I uploaded my log to LoTW (Logbook of The World), imagine my second smile when I saw Abubaker 5A1AL had beat me to it as my QSO was already confirmed from his side!

N0UN working 5A1AL Libya 17 Meters CW


Like Abubaker told me recently, “in Arabic, we say there is a connection between our hearts”.  My old friend, I couldn’t have said it better.

I wish much love, peace and tranquility for you, your country and your family Abubaker, thank-you.

QSL 5A1AL via OQRS at Club Log, LoTW AFTER February 11, 2017 (See 5A1AL QRZ Page for Information).

5A1AL Online Log Check and OQRS at Club Log


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6 Responses

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  1. WK2X says

    I heard you make the contact this morning, but couldn’t get through the pile myself .. 5A would be an ATNO for me.


  2. Fred says

    I worked him and tryed many times to get a qsl ( direct, paypal and us manager)
    I spent all in all 10 usd and got nothing back.Very dissapointing.
    Fred DF4PL

    • Rodger Ries says

      I worked him 3 times and got 1 QSL in 3 weeks (he has to have them hand carried to Germany because of the poor mail in 5A land). The other QSO’s I request LoTW and had them matched with my LoTW upload within days!!! You’ve got to remember he’s the only 5A on the air and he is very active. By the way it was ATNO for me that’s why I requested one hard copy QSL. DXCC 334 for me!

  3. NX7U says

    I received QSLs in about a month no problem (March 2017)

  4. VE5MX says

    I worked 5A1AL on April 17th this year and the QSL card arrived on May 17th. Abubaker uploaded the QSO to LoTW a few days after getting my OQRS through Clublog.

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