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6O6O Somalia On The Air!

6O6O - SomaliaIf you look at the Cluster (formerly the DX Cluster), all you’ll see is folks whining and crying about 6O6O.  It’s non-stop bitching!  I only have one question and one answer.  The question is, “do you really think they’re spending their time, taking all the personal risk(s) and putting their money on the line so they DON’T work you?  Good grief.  And my answer to all the trolls bitching is:  “then you go do it”.

That about sums it up now doesn’t it?  Armchair quarterbacks that can always do it better than the folks doing it.  At least pro quarterbacks get paid to put up with these armchair clowns.  Too bad we don’t, we’d be rich too.

6O6O Cluster ClownsMaybe you clowns spewing your hate should shut your pie holes and leave the Cluster alone.  Go watch TV.  Please.  You aren’t going to Somalia, and you can’t do better than what Ken (LA7GIA) and Adrian (KO8SCA) are doing right now or you would’ve already done it.  But let me remind you – you didn’t.  You just like to cry, whine and bitch.  Beat it.  Better yet, how ’bout work on your station a bit, increase your chances?  Nah, that’s too hard, do us all a favor – just go away.

There’s a great article on Kenneth and Adrian’s 6O6O DXpedition over on Col’s site  Take your time, read the story, check out the pictures from Somalia.  Col keeps the article updated regularly.

6O6O on LoTWAnd know this – I worked 6O6O at 2222Z today.  It was confirmed in Club Log in less time than I could type my call, and a couple hours later confirmed in the ARRL’s Logbook of The World (LoTW).  How’s that for organization?  That’s a well run, oiled machine.  Did I mention I heard them 2 hours before our sunset and worked them 1.5 hours before our sunset on 40 Meters?  I’d be willing to bet most didn’t know they had a chance before sunset.  Who’s fault is that?

Almost 6,000 QSO’s in the log as of this post!

Great job Kenneth and Adrian, be safe – and thanks for the counter!

N0UN working 6O6O 40M CW


N0UN working 6O6O 20M CW


6O6O Online Log Check at Club Log

LA7GIA Kenneth’s Website

6O6O on

QSL via OQRS and M0OXO

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4 Responses

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  1. Rich W9RG says

    We have talked often enough Wayne you know I agree with you 100% on this issue. I think it all goes back people having the “you owe me a contact because I need you for a new one or band fill” syndrome. I have to be honest, even if I could afford to do it you wouldn’t catch me sitting on BS7 or freezing my bum off and trying to avoid frost bite on Bouvet. You have to give these guys all the credit in the world for taking their time and spending their money doing this.
    If guys think they can do a better job of it… put your money where your mouth is. If not let the guys that are there decide who they are hearing well enough to keep the best qso rate up and what fits into their schedule

  2. Les kx4aa says

    Congrats on such a fine blog site.
    Your the real thing.

  3. Bob says

    I would like to add this:
    DXpeditions rarely, if at, all look at the cluster…any of them. All those “Begging” i.e:
    “40 Mtrs Please” / “SA Please” / “NA Please” / along with negative comments, your wasting your time. DXpeditions are working stations, and doing so to the best of there ability and CONDITIONS. IF any of you have worked the other side of the mike, you would know this. Do any of you whiners think a DXpedition is going to spend time looking at the cluster, and then turn the beam to work you?…DAH! No! I worked 6O6O the first day, and then again on the 3rd day. 30 CW / 15 CW. It takes time and patience. BUT MORE important…LISTEN. It is not rocked science.. Nothing make me more upset then the use of the cluster as a chat board. Simply put no DXpedition looks at your dumb comments! Period. Listen up, be polite, and work your station. Put all the other stuff aside, and just work the station, stop crying, or go do it your self!!

  4. Raymondo says

    well there isn’t that many real DXers left. the new one’s? they really have nothing to be proud of.they set on a cluster, wait till a real DXer spots the DX and tries to work them.kinda like going fishing at a trout abt this? I can work the world with 100 watts and a dipole,yes you can when the other DX station is running a KW and a half. and a stacked array at 150 ft.and the band is favoring high aingel radiation. yes big gun go get am,

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