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9N7EI Nepal On The Air

EI DX GroupI saw the 20 Meter DX Cluster spots for 9N7EI in Nepal when I woke up this morning.  A few spots from North America, a few from Europe.  I had the beams both set for 352 degrees last night, just in case.  9N7EI was “barely there” and under a bunch of QRM.  I fired up the CW filters – rig at 500 KHz, SCAF-1 filter as tight as it would go.  There were too many cops and too many people calling on the 9N7EI frequency, but like when Moses parted the Red Sea – the extra filtering gave me my chance.  And I took it.  Weak and watery, but in the clear.  I’m also glad I put up the new tower and GXP 18-4 last year because I couldn’t even sniff 9N7EI on the trusted KT-34XA.

N0UN working 9N7EI 20 Meters CW


9N7EI Website


9N7EI online log check at Club Log

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