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A Sad State of Affairs

14.247. For those that need a refresher – that’s 20 Meters (not 11 Meters). But you could have fooled me! It’s a busy band. I get it. But since when did a “net that meets here”, and a Special Event trump a Ham holding a frequency for almost two hours?

And don’t give me that “I didn’t hear him”, or “I didn’t know” crap. I call bullshit. If you didn’t hear one side, than surely you heard the other. What happened here was intentional and very, very deliberate.  And it’s happening more and more.

Here’s Robert (PB5X) who had been on frequency for almost two hours getting destroyed by other Hams that evidently have some kind of frequency use exemption for their N9FQC 14.247.5 Net and GB0HCC Special Event.

Good grief how this hobby has changed.  It’s embarrassing (to say the least).


Hey, where can I get one of those Net and Special Event “frequency use” exemptions?

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  1. Charles Hair says

    I’m wondering why people continue to post domestic stations on the DX cluster.
    Charles K5TKY

  2. les says

    Absolutely correct. The Net people come on and expects a person to move….its all in the approch, ask and you might get it. Demand it with a smart ass attitude, and hoss u got a ole jar head for a fight.

  3. Paul says

    This kind of behavior swings both ways

    I have heard net controllers politely ask if someone can free up a frequency only to be lectured re frequency ownership rules pertaining to ham radio.

    If someone asks nicely and there are plenty of free spaces on the band then it is good ham spirit to qsy down a bit. Why be a dick for the sake of being a dick

    Paul – vk4ma

    • W7JS says

      Being polite is as rare as drop bears. LOL!

  4. Gary ZL2iFB says

    Given the prevalence of DXcluster, web chat sites, email, SMS and so on, why does anyone need a fixed frequency these days anyway? Same thing applies to DXpeditions too, by the way: it is no longer necessary to pre-arrange frequencies – in fact it can be counterproductive when the chosen frequencies aren’t suitable. I struggle sometimes with stations that pick and stick slavishly to frequencies that happen to be bad for us in the S Pacific – such as below about 7010 in our mornings (wiped out daily by OTHR) – or that fall on one of my annoying computer sproggies.

  5. A.J. AJ2I says

    All nets should be +/- 5 kHz in case a freq is occupied…simple. Why must there be an “official frequency” for the net

  6. W7JS says

    I haven’t turned the radio on in probably 4 months. I got frustrated when I had a good pileup going for people needing Wyoming for WAS. Had a Texan ham come on station and proceeded to tongue lash me because his net was starting and I should have known because this “popular” net has been around for 20 years. I switched off the radio and haven’t turned it back on since. I’d rather coach hockey I guess. 73 Wayne and thanks for the post. Miss you brother…been a while.

  7. Martin - PA2RUS says

    I feel ashamed as a HAM when I listen to this. I most certainly learned HAM radio in a different and more polite way. First listen, then listen, and when you are almost sure you listen again.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Ruud says

    Don’t forget: NOBODY OWNS a frequency!! 🙂

  9. Ben PA2OLD says

    That is always with American amateurs, don’t they have no decency anymore?
    Thanks for posting the recording!

  10. Frank van der Knoop says

    i listen to it an i am completely flabbergasted!!!!!

  11. Ben Gijsen (PA3DWJ since 1983) says

    Nobody “owns” a frequency! If you’re there first, newcomers should move. Seems common decency to me. Looks like our great hobby does the same as the world: going to hell in a handbasket. Hope these barbarians learn something from this but I don’t expect it. Tnx for exposing this.

  12. Roberto PB5X says


    Its indeed crazy what happend to me. Lucky I couldn’t hear the s.e.s. from the UK very well. But after hearing the audiorec. I also was flabergasted. Also the comment of one of the HAMS on the NET saying ” … 1.5 hour is enough…” after Wayne said that I was running over 1.5 hours on 14.247.

    And if the NET had asked politely to QSY I would properly would have because I was working there for over 2 hours and allready worked 50+ US & Canadian stations.

    But they didn’t ask… They said nothing and just started thinking the QRG was there property.
    How crazy is that….

    Any how cheers to all and hope to work you soon again.

    73 Roberto PB5X

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