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ARRL Grid Square Contest

ARRL's International Grid Chase ContestC’mon.

A year long Grid Square Contest on HF?

Well, it appears we finally lost our DX Cluster to non-DX use.  Between USA Parks On The Air (NPOTA), Centennial, Thirteen Colonies, the Canadian somethingorother contest and now the year long Grid Square contest – the DX Cluster is no longer a DX Cluster.  Keyword – DX.  Our beloved DX Cluster was HIJACKED!

ARRL's International Grid Chase ContestAccording to ARRL past president Kay Craigie (N3KN), well you can read her Twitter (click to enlarge):

Seems if you want to utilize the DX Cluster, YOU, my good reader – are going to have to do  a little work.  You are going to have to learn how to add a Cluster “filter”.  Unless you don’t mind sifting through say 20 local to 1 DX station spots, “spot filters” are the only way the DX Cluster is still useful to DXers.

Here’s my newest filter:

reject/spot 0 call_dxcc 226,197

This simple directive you enter into your command line will end all US and Canadian Callsigns from showing up in your DX Column.  Ahhhh, the DX Cluster acting as a DX Cluster again!

Simple.  And you do not have to keep re-sending it every time you load the DX Cluster, the software remembers your filter.  One and done.  All of 10 seconds and you’re free of all the riff-raff and ARRL sanctioned self-spotters.

Now that I’ve passed that along, I’m going back to doing what DXers do – DX.  See you in the 6O6O Somalia pileups!

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5 Responses

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  1. A.J. says

    Do you know if there’s a way to filter out redundant spots? Don’t need to be beaten over the head with the same call/frequency 5 times in a row.

    • N0UN says

      Great thought! I’m gonna’ look into that AJ. Happy New Year Bud!

  2. Bill says

    why dont the cluster owners fiter this kind of stuff so it don’t show on their cluster?
    Looks to me like they don’t care what gets spotted as long as some one has to look at their adds
    Bill N8WS

    • Steve says

      I don’t want the people who run cluster nodes deciding what I can and can’t see.

      And what do you mean by ads? The only time you could possibly see ads is if you view the cluster through a website, which isn’t ideal. Telnet is much cleaner and allows full use of filters. But even if that’s what you’re doing, the web interfaces I’ve seen don’t have ads, or only small sponsorship logos off to one side.

    • N0UN says

      Bill, I disagree. We have the power as individuals to filter what we see and don’t see. That’s exactly why I made this post – to show the filter(s). If the system ops start doing the filtering, well who knows what will be filtered? I don’t like that the DX Cluster was hijacked, but I do like my filters! It brings it back to the way it was, and should be. The ads must be from some browser page you’re viewing the DX Cluster through. I view my Cluster through the last free version of Ham Radio Deluxe, no ads.

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