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Bouvet DXpedition 2017 or 2018?

Bouvet IslandReading some of the comments on, and other Internet sites about the upcoming DXpeditions to Bouvet struck me as odd today.  It didn’t strike me odd that any group(s) will activate Bouvet, nor did it strike me odd that there could/will be two separate DXpeditions over two years – no, what struck me as odd were some of the comments and posts by readers.

On this morning there was thread about “Bouvet 2017” that was deleted just hours after it was originally posted.  Then again later today there was another post on “Bouvet 2017“.  I suspect this new post could very well be deleted soon too.  Why?  The originator of the Bouvet 2017 post was a team member on the T31W DXpedition to Central Kiribati that cancelled after the Rebel DX Group made 30,000 QSO’s as T31T with no up front funding from the Ham community.  Zero.  T31W was trolling for $100,000.00 plus in funding while T31T asked for nothing.  In KE4KY’s post (below, click to enlarge), he was obviously mocking any group that was thinking (or doing) Bouvet before the “Bouvet 2018” DXpedition set sail.

Bouvet eHam Post by KE4KY

Do I even need to say what I’m thinking here?  Gilligan’s Island, really?

Let’s start with if somebody, anybody can pull off DXpeditions at a low cost, why wouldn’t any Ham be excited for that?  These $150,000.00, $500,000.00, $700,000.00, etc. DXpeditions are getting more and more expensive.  And in a world where this hobby has some of the most frugal people that ever lived, why would anybody be upset if somebody (or any group) can pull off a DXpedition at low cost?

I’ve been told, “that’s not the way it’s doneThey’re bucking the system.  They’re pissing people off.  They’ll never do it”, etc.

Well, if you didn’t learn a lesson on how and why Donald Trump did what he just did to “The Establishment”, or maybe you missed “Brexit” – perhaps you need to get off your 2 Meter radio and make quick study because it appears you may need it.  “That’s the way it’s always been done” is exactly why there are young mavericks and rebels ready, willing and able to fill those old DXpeditioneer’s boots – for a tenth of the price.

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  1. Glenn KE4KY says

    Thanks for the mention. Hope you have a great Holiday Season coming up.

  2. A.J. says

    Controversial or not w9wnv activated many legit entities on a very small budget. A dingy boat, a drum of gasoline ,a suitcase style operation on a low budget to some rare places. Possible yes, will it be sustainable for week long operation…prob,not.

  3. Paul says

    We are not really comparing apples with apples.

    The small budget T31 dxpedition probably took care of the guys needing it for ATNO but looking at the clublog stats they did not do much to satisfy the need for this entity particularly on the lower bands. This is not a criticism, it simply reflects that you do get what you pay for. A small boat and small crew simply cannot transport and man a sufficient number of radios to put a decent low and high band presence on the air, particularly when there is a high level of ATNO demand for the entity.

    Of course these low budget operations should be celebrated but for those dxers like me who have just about all entities worked on what we would call the easy bands – ie 30,20,17 and 15 these small operations tend not to deliver up any new band slots (for me).

    The larger scale operations cost a lot more but I am happy to donate to them as it is these operations that generally deliver me the low or high band slots.

    Of course no dx group has exclusive license to activate a rare entity and in the case of 3Y, it is such a rare spot, that not even two dxpeditions in one year is likely to kill all demand.

    We also cannot ignore the fact that various groups have been procrastinating about going to Bouvet for years and sadly we now have a situation where this rarely visited entity is going to be activated at the BOTTOM of the sunspot cycle (2018). In my view this is a poor use of ham radio dxpedition funding but it is what it is. My point is, that when the procrastination goes on for so long, other groups are certainly entitled to say may be we can get this job done where others have been unable to get it over the line.

    Lets make ham radio great again – GO TRUMPY
    Paul – vk4ma

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