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DX Cluster, Work In Progress

DX Cluster DuncesThe DX Cluster window is precious window space ’round here!

It’s also taking me years to fine tune what shows in that DX Cluster window.  We first had to figure out how the DX Cluster worked, how it combined nodes, displayed DX and how it filters what it shows, but we’re getting there.  Slowly, but surely.

A quick refresher, it’s called a DX Cluster.  Its purpose was to locate (spot) DX stations on the air, not for spotting your mobile trucking across Tennessee, or for self-spotting you calling CQ DX, or for spotting the original 13 Colonies of the United States, or for locating some station operating QRP from some US Park.  It’s called the DX CLUSTER, capisce?

Anyway, as part of my “work in progress” on the DX Cluster, I figured another way to make my life more better.  On top of other discussed solutions listed below from previous posts, we found another cluster command that opens up my DX Cluster window.  It shields me from having to see what shouldn’t be from a few, ah, what’s the word? – “slow” Hams.

I’ve blogged about some of these problems and their solutions before, but events on 40 Meters this morning fired me up again.  Every morning there’s a group of Hams that run a roundtable that abuse the DX Cluster.  Obviously this group of slow learners are never going to “get it”, so I figured I had to find another way to a solution.  Here’s another directive to the DX Cluster I inputted into my command line this morning:

reject/spot by ve6poh,n7ry,n7ekd,wa7lnh,nr6q,af6tc

Whala!  Now I don’t have to see their “unheard phantom” spots here in the USA from their remote receivers on in Europe, don’t have to see their constant re-spotting of the same DX station, and never have to see their roundtable self-spots.  Poof!  Just like that problem solved!

Once you make the command, your cluster node remembers it and will always load the filter when you log on.  You don’t have to do it every time you logon.  If for some reason you ever want to clear all your filter(s), just type:

clear/spots all

So for me, I block all spots by the guys listed above and use this separate command to block all US stations from being listed in the DX column with these two commands:

reject/spot 0 call_dxcc 226

reject/spot by ve6poh,n7ry,n7ekd,wa7lnh,nr6q,af6tc

Now ONLY DX is shown in my DX Cluster window and I no longer have to see spots from that group of hemorrhoids on 40 Meters.

Life is good, and with little fine tuned tweaks like this it’s getting better every day!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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  1. Abakus Nissvandt-Modin says


  2. Anonymous (Incase of backlash) says

    The DX Cluster Network has descended into mayhem once again. i guess too many people are partaking in the festive Egg Nog!
    Its not just the spotting of useless stuff and the self spotting from the idiots.

    Its the ones who use the DX Summit network to abuse others, DX Summit are not too good in monitoring and banning the individuals involved.
    The people who do that are not very intelligent and seem to forget that their IP address is logged and can be easily tracked.
    But it still doesnt seem to stop them

    Again another good read Wayne.

    Seasons greetings and all the best to the family.


    • N0UN says

      Nothing stops them rebel Brother! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. HANK says


  4. Bas PE4BAS says

    Thumbs up!

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