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DXCC and Me

DXCC Number 1I’m not sure what to think of the ARRL DXCC Honor Roll or especially Number 1 DXCC.

I do call myself a DXer.  I have challenged myself in year long DX contests such as the CQ Magazine DX Marathon several times.  I still need 7 DXCC entities.  I guess getting Number 1 DXCC could be a good thing, but I have a dear friend of mine that worked his ass off to get Number 1, and now he’s dead less than two years later.  But it was how he went that bothers me.  After he got that #1 plaque, you know that lame looking $80 or $90 one, he just plain quit.  Nothing could bring him back on the air, not friends, DX, nothing.  His health deteriorated quickly, and now in reflection for the last couple days I’m wondering if that anti-climatic QSO of working his last one (Navassa) just plain made him quit everything.  Because that’s when it started.  He reached the pinnacle, the top, the summit.  Number 1.  There was nothing left to do.  Almost like a “bucket list” kind of thing.  It was downhill ever since.

I say this because of the 7 I need, 4 will be on in 2018.  There’s a chance I can knock my entities needed down to 3.  Baker-Howland, Bouvet, Agalega & St. Brandon Is. and Ducie are all planned in 2018.

But anymore I’m not sure I ever want to work the last ONE, lol.

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  1. Doug says

    Your are too ornery Wayne — you’ll be with us for a long time if only in rag chew mode!

  2. Zack says

    I started really seriously DXing in 1992. I had a handful of DX stations confirmed before that, a few were even rare and some obsolete. But it’s been a long road and I am three short of #1 HR. One is Bouvet and I hope to get that soon. One is Afghanistan and that’s been a matter of being in the wrong places at the wrong times and bad propagation. The one last one I may never work is North Korea. But who knows? – Zack W9SZ

    • N0UN says

      Zack, T6, always a tough one from Colorado too. Merry Christmas!

  3. Rich says

    I got back into ham radio in 2001 after being off the air since 1977. DXCC had been the reason I got back in, but with 2 more to go (Bouvet and Glorioso) I can’t wait to get the DXCC thing over with.

    The good news is that along the way, I got into trying different antennas and building stuff – so now my ham world is more like ham – maker. I’m enjoying it a lot more than awards chasing – and so DXCC is just something I’ll soon get out of my system for good.

    73 and Happy Happy Joy Joy for the Holidays


    • N0UN says

      I’m hoping to have this same attitude; that even after getting them all, there’s still something to do! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Rich!

  4. Bill says

    DXing is not all ham radio has to offer.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
    73 Bill N8WS

    • N0UN says

      Merry Christmas, Happy New Year Bill!

  5. Jeff says

    Let me know who passed away after working his last one.
    73 de AC5O Jeff

  6. Rich Grant says

    I think it depends on the individual. Some people use ham radio as a competitive out let while others use it as an opportunity to chat with friends and other to try something new. I think it is a shame if you only focus on only one aspect of the hobby.

    In my case, if I work the last one I need I’ll add the card to the file and consider it a done deal. If not , life goes on.

    Sorry to hear about Ray, it has been 3 – 4 months since I talked to him on the phone.

    Merry Christmas to you and the wife and Jim.
    Rich W9RG.

    • N0UN says

      Thanks Rich. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year Buddy!

  7. Tom says

    Hi Wayne
    Nice to hear you are so close.
    I know an old ham in ZS (I’m 73 shortly) and once he worked the lot he’s rarely on the air.
    It took him 40 years!
    Of course, everyone complains about propagation’
    However, xpeditions seem to reach many people who are working towards No.#1.

    I had to start allover again in ZS and after we lost the logs in the rescue.
    Yes, I know I should get my priorities right but ham radio came second best to being rescued.
    Please call ZT1T if I am spotted.

    • N0UN says

      Will do Tom! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Suzy!

  8. Jeff says

    Only need 15 for Honor Roll lol! Only need Bouvet and Baker-Howland in the 4 next year.
    The others just band fills.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year de AC5O Jeff

    • N0UN says

      Happy New Year Buddy! Glad you got your old call back!

  9. John Dize says

    read this post. Probably spot on I lack one for all countries But my antennas were so much trouble putting up I am not taking them down Hi Hi I enjoy dxing too much. keep up the good work W3BJ

  10. A.J. AJ2I says

    I agree Wayne, it seems MOST that have achieved Honor Roll, or very very close aren’t serious Dx’ers anymore. I guess it’s a been there, done that mentality. Which is a shame.

    I also know guys that will miss work, eat TV dinners, planted in a chair for 8 hours to fill the new slot. fine line between obsessed and crazy?

    Thanks for getting the blog back, I enjoy reading the stories


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