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E31A Eritrea, Thin!

EritreaIn 44 plus years in this hobby, I’ve come to learn there’s big signals, no signals and everything in between.  I call those extra weak signals “thin”.  It can very well be thin signals build up as propagation shifts, but it also can be that with “barely there” thin signals that’s all you’re gonna’ get – and there ain’t no more.  After listening to E31A in Eritrea on 17 Meters for an hour this morning I decided they weren’t getting any louder so I gave it a shot – my best shot with 3 elements and 1,500 watts.

The recording below is about as thin as you can get.  You may have to listen to it a few times to adjust your ears to the QSO.

N0UN working E31A Eritrea 17 Meters SSB


QSL E31A via Zorro, JH1AJT or OQRS at Club Log (upon return)

E31A Online Log Check at Club Log

Some Photos of E31A from Champ E21EIC at DX Coffee

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UPDATED (May 23rd, 2017):

N0UN working E31A 40 Meters SSB


N0UN working E31A 20 Meters SSB



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4 Responses

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  1. Ross says

    Congrats Wayne!

    Yes as of late the higher bands are becoming more of a challenge indeed!

    No copy on 17m here in Ohio, however last night 0300 they were just boomin in on 7.024 was effortless with KW and my HF9V Butternut vertical w/125 ground radials!

    Having said 17,15,12 & 10 will be / is the challenge…
    Lucky to have secured those bands in the past and now focusing on 80 & 40m band fills…

    Thanks for sharing & conveying to others what challenge lies ahead in the present cycle!

    73 & see you in the pile-ups…KB8NTY

    • N0UN says

      A challenge it is Ross! Hey, I noticed your old call WN8OVD – I was WN8QFB in 73′, from Parma, lol!

  2. Gary says

    Why aren’t they working 20m? Not everyone works the WARC bands and here in the midwest, the noise level on 80m these days is +10 over S9 here in central illinois. Seems like the only time they’re on 40m is when they are on SSB. They were on 40m CW for a few days during which time we were experiencing severe storms and noise bursts were terrible so no go… and their signals were very “thin!” If I can’t hear DX clearly enough to work them, I don’t call. Some of these dxpeditions don’t have it together like others have. Guess I’ll have to write this one off. 73’s es gl

  3. N0UN says

    From the spots I saw they worked 20 Meters quite a bit – I just didn’t hear them quite a bit. I just looked at their Club Log stats and they’ve made the majority of their QSO’s on 20 Meters.

    E31A QSO's by Band

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