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EP2C, Iran On The Air

EP2CI got up early this morning to see if 40 Meters longpath was open, but instead I saw the 20 Meter spot out of Europe for Iran, EP2C on 14.200 – listening 5 up.  It’s not often Colorado gets the propagation window to work Iran so I checked 20 Meters first.  Glad I did.  There was nothing on the longpath a little after sunrise, but turned shortpath and there they were.  I’d say Colorado had about a 20 – 25 minute window before they faded into the noise.  The TI2 down 2 kHz didn’t help matters either, but hey, that’s 20 Meters!

N0UN working EP2C Iran 20M SSB


EP2C is a 3 day (February 8-11th) DXpedition from Karaj City by several operators from the Alborz DX Group.  QRZ info


EP2C Online Log Check at Club Log (awaiting update 2017 operation)

EP2C Website

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  1. Tom says

    Iran, EP, used to be a common DXCC Country back in the 1970s when many contractors from the UK and USA were granted ham radio licenses there. Now, of course, it is rare to hear EP on the air. Iran is one of the seven countries on the ban list. For now, I guess it’s OK to make a QSO before the ban is reinstated by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.
    73 and Happy DXing!

  2. N0UN says

    Interesting responseTom! I never thought about that. I did pull up this page on what is (and isn’t) banned to/from Iran or a 3rd person intermediary.

    An interesting document to say the least.


  3. Homed says

    73 de EP7AHN

  4. Mohammad says

    Hello WAYNE
    My name is mohammad ( EP2LMA )
    I was searching on the internet about our last activity with EP2C and saw your Story about contact with US.
    Nice to hear you on 20m band with EP2C, we had 2 QSO before on 15and 20m also with my personal call ( EP2LMA ).
    We are doing more than our best and trying to put the EP on the air and do not think about Policy in both Side.

    President of EP2C

    • N0UN says

      Hello Mohammad, and thanks for stopping by my Blog and for the QSO’s!

      Keep up the excellent work getting Ham Radio on the air in EP.

      73 my friend, N0UN

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