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HZ1BL Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

HZ1BL The Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaIt’s been a while since I’ve worked into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (HZ, 7Z).  Now that late winter/early spring propagation is underway we are hearing the Gulf States better, as well as signals closer to straight over the North Pole such as India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, etc.

I listened to HZ1BL on 20 Meters for a few minutes this morning, but it appeared even though Maher was strong here in North America, to him Europe was even stronger.  Many North American stations were calling HZ1BL, but really not much of a chance against a strong European pileup to Saudi Arabia.  That all changed when Maher asked Europe to standby and listen for North America:

N0UN working HZ1BL


Hopefully propagation continues to improve in the upcoming months.  I’m looking forward to another great year of DX.


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  1. A.J. AJ2I says

    Nice Job, always enjoy seeing prop change with the seasons.

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