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Midway and Kure DXCC Deleted

Midway, Kure Islands DXCC DeletedThe news is out on the ARRL Website:  KH7 and KH4 Kure and Midway DXCC Deleted.

But something to me smells fishy about these deletions.

President Bush proclaimed the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Coral Reef Ecosystem Reserve in 2006. Laura Bush named it the Papahänaumokuäkea Marine National Monument early 2007.

Co-trustees in 2006 were the Commerce Department’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Interior Department’s Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and the State of Hawai‘i. Today the co-trustee agencies are: the Commerce Department (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration); the Interior Department (Fish and Wildlife Service); the State of Hawai‘i Land and Natural Resources Department (DLNR) and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA).

Nothing has changed other than a couple more government agencies are now co-trustees as far as I can see (imagine that – more government). Nobody was dropped out of co-trustee, just added.

All maps I can find clearly show Kure and Midway were part of the Papahänaumokuäkea Marine National Monument all the way back to its first designation (proclamation) in 2006.

I see where President Obama expanded the boundaries in 2016, but that expansion included nothing but water away from the original chain of islands. It did not include Kure or Midway as they were already included in 2006.

The ARRL states, “Midway (KH4) had qualified for DXCC status by virtue of its being governed by a separate administration. Because it is now under the administration of Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, however, it becomes a deleted entity.”

Well, my question is – Midway was under the administration of the co-trustees of Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument since 2006 (see above), and it is still administered by the same co-trustees. So why now, 11 years later is it being deleted? It doesn’t make sense to me.

Like I said, it smells fishy.  Could it be an epic April Fool’s Joke?  We’ll soon see…


Papahänaumokuäkea Marine National Monument Website

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S21ZED Bangladesh On The Air

Sorry Folks, didn’t realize I had my Blog security settings too tight to comment on previous posts (all fixed now).

S21 DXpeditionDX World has all the S21ZED and S21ZEE information on their Website so no need to reinvent the wheel here.  Col does a super job of gathering DX News.  DX News that Hams like me Blog about.  S21ZED & S21ZEE information at DX World.

I worked two hard to reach places this evening.  S21ZED Bangladesh on 20 Meter CW, and a minute later made contact with 9N7EI Nepal on 20 Meter SSB.

Earlier today I was reading a post on eHam that questioned if the DXpeditioneers to Bangladesh brought amplifiers as it wasn’t mentioned in any news feeds he had seen.  I guess the recording below answers that question, lol.

N0UN working S21ZED 20M CW


N0UN working S21ZED 20M SSB


QSL S21ZED and S21ZEE via YL2GN or OQRS at Club Log – S21ZED and S21ZEE

S21 Website (lots of good information)

See you in the pileups!

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YI1SAL Iraq On The Air

YI1SAL QSL CardThe band conditions this morning went from zero to ten real quick.  When I first turned the radio on and started chasing some Cluster DX spots (don’t kid yourselves, you do it too), I had to make sure my antennas were plugged in.  20, 17 and 15 were just plain dead.  So I left the volume up on the white noise and started doing some work in the shop.  30 minutes later as signals stated coming out of the noise I put the soldering iron down – and started chasing some DX.

I landed 9G5X and TU7C on 17 Meter CW for bandfills, but the highlight QSO this morning was working Salam YI1SAL in Iraq on 20 Meter SSB.  In heavy QRM (deliberate and otherwise) and with half of Europe calling him, I was still able to sneak through.

N0UN working YI1SAL Iraq


For the deliberate QRMer breathing on his microphone causing intentional interference near the end of the recording, perhaps it’s time somebody should place a pillow over your head.  Me thinks that’s a quick cure for your breathing problem.

YI1SAL on QRZ Post on YI1SAL

I’m not sure what Salam’s YI1SAL QSL route is, or if he has an online log up, but if it’s out there I haven’t found it yet.  If I do find it in the near future, I’ll come back and update this post.

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9N7EI Nepal On The Air

EI DX GroupI saw the 20 Meter DX Cluster spots for 9N7EI in Nepal when I woke up this morning.  A few spots from North America, a few from Europe.  I had the beams both set for 352 degrees last night, just in case.  9N7EI was “barely there” and under a bunch of QRM.  I fired up the CW filters – rig at 500 KHz, SCAF-1 filter as tight as it would go.  There were too many cops and too many people calling on the 9N7EI frequency, but like when Moses parted the Red Sea – the extra filtering gave me my chance.  And I took it.  Weak and watery, but in the clear.  I’m also glad I put up the new tower and GXP 18-4 last year because I couldn’t even sniff 9N7EI on the trusted KT-34XA.

N0UN working 9N7EI 20 Meters CW


9N7EI Website


9N7EI online log check at Club Log

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9G5X Ghana On The Air

Not quite sure how I feel about this.  On one hand a simplex DX pileup saves considerable bandwidth, on the other hand the QSO rate really drops and many stations are inevitably left out of the log.

Here’s a recording I took working 9G5X in Ghana this evening.  On the upside of a simplex pileup is the fact it only takes up 3 kHz or so of bandwidth – not 15 or 20 kHz as most split pileups do.  On the 40 Meter Phone Band there’s not much bandwidth to start with.  On the other hand you can hear some of the frustration from several stations that keep calling and calling and calling simplex.  Guess the old saying, “you can’t hear when you’re talking” rings true.

N0UN working 9G5X Ghana 40 Meters Phone


M0OXO QSL ServiceWhether simplex or split – any pileup (no matter the ops style) is still fun!

9G5X Website

9G5X Online Log Check and OQRS from M0OXO

9G5X on Club Log

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HZ1BL Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

HZ1BL The Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaIt’s been a while since I’ve worked into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (HZ, 7Z).  Now that late winter/early spring propagation is underway we are hearing the Gulf States better, as well as signals closer to straight over the North Pole such as India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, etc.

I listened to HZ1BL on 20 Meters for a few minutes this morning, but it appeared even though Maher was strong here in North America, to him Europe was even stronger.  Many North American stations were calling HZ1BL, but really not much of a chance against a strong European pileup to Saudi Arabia.  That all changed when Maher asked Europe to standby and listen for North America:

N0UN working HZ1BL


Hopefully propagation continues to improve in the upcoming months.  I’m looking forward to another great year of DX.


HZ1BL Online Log Check at Club Log

HZ1BL on

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EP2LMA, Iran On The Air

A few weeks ago on February 9th, I wrote an article about working the Alborz DX Group station in Iran, EP2C. EP2C Article Link.  In the comments to that article, EP7AHN (Homed) and EP2LMA (Mohammad) stopped by to say hello.

Fast forward to this morning.  I saw the 20 Meter DX Cluster spot for Mohammad EP2LMA and could hear him quite well, but after a few calls some super strong local USA QRM had popped up unannounced (doesn’t anybody ask if the frequency is in use anymore?), and quite frankly trying to work Mohammad through their conversation was now impossible so I gave up.  Then a minute or so later when they finally stopped I was surprised to see that Mohammad did hear my first call and he did not give upNow in the clear, I heard EP2LMA calling me.

30 watts and some determination is all you need sometimes, witness:

N0UN working EP2LMA


Through their hard work and dedication, it appears Mohammad and the Alborz DX Group are quite active now.  And that’s a great thing for Amateur Radio!

Thanks for the QSO Mohammad!

QSL EP2LMA via Pedro EA5GL direct.


EP2LMA on Club Log

Alborz DX Group Website

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9X2CW Rwanda On The Air

Rwanda National FlagI wasn’t sure if 15 Meters was open this morning when I saw the spot for 9X2CW in Rwanda, but I’m glad I went and listened.  Eric (SM1TDE) operating as 9X2CW was “barely there”, but sometimes that’s all you need.  He did build up and peak a real S7 into Colorado just moments later but any time you have a chance to work Rwanda, you don’t wait for the peak – you go.  Especially simplex!

N0UN working 9X2CW 15 Meters CW


QSL 9X2CW via home call:  SM1TDE

9X2CW Online Log Check at Club Log


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5A1AL Libya OQRS and LoTW

5A1AL Abubaker (front row, white suit)

5A1AL Abubaker (front row, white suit)

5A1AL is an old friend of mine since the 90’s. Abubaker would regularly stop by 14.240 with WA2JUN (SK) and the 240 DX Group.  He was using the 5A1A Club Station in Tripoli back in the day.  Abubaker then traveled back and forth to Germany to earn his degree and well, 5A was rarely (if ever) heard from again.

Until a few years ago when Abubaker came back on the air.

Abubaker had to jump through many, many hoops to get licensed as 5A1AL, get accredited by the DXCC program and figure a way to get (and stay) on the air.  And he did all this while starting his new family.

His determination has always made many of us that know him smile, and even today 20 years later, he still makes me smile – here’s why:

I saw the spot for 5A1AL on 17 Meters CW this morning around 1600Z, so I swung the monobander to Libya, and there he was – a new bandfill for me!  And then a few hours later when I uploaded my log to LoTW (Logbook of The World), imagine my second smile when I saw Abubaker 5A1AL had beat me to it as my QSO was already confirmed from his side!

N0UN working 5A1AL Libya 17 Meters CW


Like Abubaker told me recently, “in Arabic, we say there is a connection between our hearts”.  My old friend, I couldn’t have said it better.

I wish much love, peace and tranquility for you, your country and your family Abubaker, thank-you.

QSL 5A1AL via OQRS at Club Log, LoTW AFTER February 11, 2017 (See 5A1AL QRZ Page for Information).

5A1AL Online Log Check and OQRS at Club Log


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A5A Bhutan On The Air

Foundation for Global ChildrenIt was quite a surprise to hear A5A Zorro (JH1AJT) from Bhutan yesterday at 0118Z on 20 Meters so I figured maybe we’d hear him again around the same time today – and Zorro did not disappoint.  What really surprised me was as soon as I made contact with A5A, I spotted him to the DX Cluster and other than one Japanese station, Zorro called CQ for 10 more minutes without a single contact before he had to leave for breakfast and more meetings.  The only thing I can figure is Colorado has all the propagation this time of year?  Usually when a rare DX station is spotted to the DX Cluster it turns into a free-for-all, and it turns into one quickly.  Not this time though.

Zorro, I salute you my friend for the fine work you do, thank-you!

N0UN working A5A Bhutan 20M SSB


To learn about the humanitarian work Zorro does, click the logo above or visit the English page of the “Foundation for Global Children” at:

QSL A5A via OQRS at Club Log, or direct to JH1AJT

A5A Online Log Check at Club Log (awaiting 2017 update)

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3XY3D Guinea On The Air, Fun!

Eat Sleep Ham Radio DXThis indeed may be my highlight QSO of 2017 so far.  I’ll set the stage – it’s 2230Z, 3:30 in the afternoon local time here in Denver, 2:30 on the West Coast, 5:30 on the East Coast. Broad daylight across North America and the absolute toughest time to “compete” for a QSO, especially into Africa. Everybody across North America is hearing 3XY3D in Guinea well at 0330Z. Even tougher, a simplex CW QSO. I guess the only thing harder would have been a weekend when everybody is off and playing radio. It took 15 minutes of listening to the pile-up just for my ears to get accustomed to 3XY3D’s tone, speed and rhythm, but once I did – I snagged him.  Hard to believe listening to this recording that you can actually train your brain to hear your target coming through at a fraction of the strength of the stations calling, but that little peanut in my coconut can still do it. What a great pile-up!  We need more of these!

N0UN working 3XY3D 20M CW (simplex)


For a band that’s been dead, he was a lot easier to work on 15 Meters SSB this morning!

N0UN working 3XY3D 15M SSB



More 3XY3D information at

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EP2C, Iran On The Air

EP2CI got up early this morning to see if 40 Meters longpath was open, but instead I saw the 20 Meter spot out of Europe for Iran, EP2C on 14.200 – listening 5 up.  It’s not often Colorado gets the propagation window to work Iran so I checked 20 Meters first.  Glad I did.  There was nothing on the longpath a little after sunrise, but turned shortpath and there they were.  I’d say Colorado had about a 20 – 25 minute window before they faded into the noise.  The TI2 down 2 kHz didn’t help matters either, but hey, that’s 20 Meters!

N0UN working EP2C Iran 20M SSB


EP2C is a 3 day (February 8-11th) DXpedition from Karaj City by several operators from the Alborz DX Group.  QRZ info


EP2C Online Log Check at Club Log (awaiting update 2017 operation)

EP2C Website

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ZS8Z Marion Island On The Air

ZS8Z QSL CardWell that was neat.  ZS8Z David is on the air from Marion Island.

I fell asleep in my operating chair, legs up on the desk, dreaming of DX (I guess) when the cell phone in my hand vibrated with a text message from my friend Keith, K0KE.  The message was simple – “ZS8Z on 7.174”.  Took me a couple seconds to wake up and figure out where the hell I was – then luckily W6KW was having a good old ragchew with David so he bought me some much needed time to square up on 40 Meters.

Good to talk to you old friend!


QSL ZS8Z via Keeper of the Log – Allan ZS1LS


I see David has already uploaded to Club Log – my 40M Q is in the log!  ZS8Z Online Log Check at Club Log.

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TL8TT On The Air

TL8TT Italian DXpedition Team TL8TT is on the air.  And what a signal!  Not sure what antennas and amplifiers they’re using, but they’ve been strong on every band.  There shouldn’t be any issues whatsoever making all logbooks here in the States.  Even on my 40 Meter Inverted L (tuned for 30M) they were exceptionally loud.  I’m not quite sure what happened on the 30M recording as I clearly worked him the first time, but then it appears either a K0UN called him or he was still waiting for my confirmation of N0UN.  Either way, never miss with the second shot, right?

N0UN working TL8TT 30M CW


And this time it was W0UN on 40 Meters before we got it worked out…

N0UN working TL8TT 40M CW


Man, I sure wish folks didn’t call on the DX transmit frequency!

Real Time Online Log for TL8TT

QSL TL8TT via Express LoTW via OQRS (same link as online log above).


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A Sad State of Affairs

14.247. For those that need a refresher – that’s 20 Meters (not 11 Meters). But you could have fooled me! It’s a busy band. I get it. But since when did a “net that meets here”, and a Special Event trump a Ham holding a frequency for almost two hours?

And don’t give me that “I didn’t hear him”, or “I didn’t know” crap. I call bullshit. If you didn’t hear one side, than surely you heard the other. What happened here was intentional and very, very deliberate.  And it’s happening more and more.

Here’s Robert (PB5X) who had been on frequency for almost two hours getting destroyed by other Hams that evidently have some kind of frequency use exemption for their N9FQC 14.247.5 Net and GB0HCC Special Event.

Good grief how this hobby has changed.  It’s embarrassing (to say the least).


Hey, where can I get one of those Net and Special Event “frequency use” exemptions?

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