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Phantom DX Cluster Spot

Unbelievable.  It’s 9:15 PM local time here in Denver and the DX Cluster Alarm screams, “Kilo Nine Radio X-Ray Spotted Victor Kilo Zero Zulu Lima On Twenty One Point Two Eight Five Megahertz“.

So what do thousands of Hams around the world who have “VK0” alarms set do?  They fire up their amps and swing their antennas while going to 21.285 – we all go hunting that rare VK0 that was spotted by a Stateside station.  That’s what DXers do.  Could be Macquarie.  Could be Antarctica.  Could be some VK0 that slipped the news.

And what do we find?

K9RX Phantom VK0 SpotK9RX in South Carolina purposely “phantom spotted” VK0ZL so he could drum up DX on 15 Meters.  There is no VK Zero, there was no VK Zero, there’s not going to be a VK0.  Click to enlarge.

Listen to this explanation:

K9RX Justifies His Self Spot of Phantom VK0ZL


Boy, what a way to get attention.  Well, you wanted the attention, you got it.  Be careful of what you wish for comes to mind…

Good grief.

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  1. Ed says

    Funny thing, he lectures everyone on his QRZ page what the difference is between calling QRZ and CQ. One would think with his stats of DXCC 356/337 that he’d know better than to post a fake spot. Even self-spotting and asking if the band was open to VK would have been better than what he did.

    Unfortunately, he seems to see nothing wrong with his spot and even seems flippant about being called out for it.

    Thanks for voicing to him what a lot of us were thinking.

  2. A.J. AJ2I says

    Get em Wayne! Those Pesky “Cluster scammers” are playing on the “Cluster Clickers” , Typical.

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