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“SDR in Europe”

DX Cluster DunceI saw some DX Cluster Spots for a few 40 Meter DX stations this morning, but turns out it’s the same old roundtable group of Lids self-spotting.  No chance to work the DX.

All these Lids are on the West Coast.

Nothing new there as these asshats have been self-spotting for years, but what did catch my attention this morning was they briefly discussed the remote receiver stations they use.  They log into Web SDR Receivers around the world to listen to DX and to also hear their own signals.  I think the guy who was talking about the remote receivers in Europe this morning broke their secret code or something because they sure changed the topic quickly, lol.  I suspect they didn’t want that news to leak out.

“I think I’ll start calling them the “40 Meter Kardashian Selfie Spotters”, or maybe the “Kardashian Clan”.

If the day comes I can’t work a DX station from my QTH (both tx and rx), I don’t need Ham Radio – I’ll pick up the phone.

What a waste of the DX Cluster window.  Narcissism is, as narcissism does.

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