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VP6YL, Pirates, QRM and Kids

It never ceases to amaze me how one bad DX Spot to the Cluster can get re-spotted by several more clueless Hams.  Doesn’t anybody listen anymore?  Whoever invented those code readers better go back to the drawing board.

I know, I know, I know – you all worked VP6YL Pitcairn Island on 17 Meters CW this morning because that’s what the DX Cluster said!  Well, let me be the first one today to break your balls.  No, you did not work VP6YL.

You worked 9M2/R6AF/P and to a lesser chance – you heard some knucklehead pirate continuously calling CQ CQ CQ “EAHSYL” (occasionally “EASSYL”).  That’s right, E A H S Y L.  Take your pick between those two because there was no VP6YL there.  And the pirate E A H S Y L station didn’t “work” anybody that I heard.  He was doing nothing but calling CQ over and over and over and QRMing the 9M2.

And because you have it dead set in your mind that you did indeed work VP6YL, I’ve provided the lengthy recording (over 24 minutes) of the pileup I took this morning:


The thought just crossed my mind – that recording may not do much good for many because how do you run a .mp3 file through a code reader?  🙂

And don’t forget!  IF you REALLY need a QSL card for your make-believe contacts from one of your invisible friends – you could do like some Hams I know and send a $5 or $10 bill to that rare DX station because you called him 100 times.  Chances are you’ll get a card back so now you can wave it in the air and show it off!  I’ve been told this strategy works very well for QRP/G5RV stations that haven’t a chance in the mad, crazy, out-of-control DX Cluster Pileups.

See you in ‘da pile!  😉

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  1. Jon says

    Amen brother, there is one instance where I will call the DX station even though I have not verified his call is when he takes FOREVER to ID. Some stations hardly ever ID and if its an ATNO, with a correct beam heading and some history I will call. I hope that makes sense. Many DX has been logged over the past few years by incorrect spots, many pileups have been created because of incorrect spots. Another funny situation. IS0BOY is often spotted incorrectly as S0BOY, the difference here the incorrect spot comes from the CW Skimmer network, so its a computer that is spotting an incorrect call. One of two things is happening, the skimmer is truly not catching the Dit Dit at the beginning or IS0BOY knows he will get larger pileups if he “accidentally” loses the Dit Dit in front of his call on a cq. Many smart ones out there have created an Overide where S0BOY has suddenly become a call from the USA haha.

  2. Gert - PA2LO says

    Just to let you (and the rest of the hamradio community) know: Betty (VP6YL) isn’t active anymore and hasn’t been for some years. After the passing of Tom she moved to New Zealand where she is living with her daughters and their families, none of whom are amateur operators.

    • admin says

      Thanks for the information Gert. It amazes me why people spot a DX station that isn’t there. Then others re-spot the same station again and again.

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