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VU7KP Lakshadweep On The Air

VU7KP LakshadweepI’m not sure what’s wrong with people anymore.  They talk but don’t listen.  They speak without being spoken to.

We finally had a short 20 Meter opening to VU7KP on Lakshadweep Island, but only a few North American stations got through because Krish had to keep asking Europeans to stand by as he was calling “the America’s” only.  Every single QSO I heard VU7KP make was contested.  He rarely got a call on the first “hear” because of the non-stop intentional interference.

To make matters worse, when he was zeroing in on say, “who’s the Whiskey Seven, the Whiskey Seven only” – every VE3, Kilo Seven, and W6 kept calling.  One specific Ham with an obnoxiously long tape recording never heard him calling for “WHISKEY SEVEN ONLY” because I suspect his callsign recording was so damn long he couldn’t hear what the DX station was saying.  Kinda’ like putting your fingers in your ears and saying nah nah nah nah nah.  If you don’t hear it, he didn’t say it, right?  Between the Europeans not knowing what continent they’re on, and the North American stations not knowing their own callsign, and people calling on VU7KP’s frequency – it was slow going and very, very few stations go through.

Anyway, if you’re going to chase DX in this hobby these days, you have to develop some thick skin.  You have to let it roll off your back.  Do what I do when I need to vent my frustrations – get a blog like this and vent there, not in the pileups.

N0UN working VU7KP 20 Meters SSB



VU7KP OQRS and Online Log Check at Club Log

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