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YI1SAL Iraq On The Air

YI1SAL QSL CardThe band conditions this morning went from zero to ten real quick.  When I first turned the radio on and started chasing some Cluster DX spots (don’t kid yourselves, you do it too), I had to make sure my antennas were plugged in.  20, 17 and 15 were just plain dead.  So I left the volume up on the white noise and started doing some work in the shop.  30 minutes later as signals stated coming out of the noise I put the soldering iron down – and started chasing some DX.

I landed 9G5X and TU7C on 17 Meter CW for bandfills, but the highlight QSO this morning was working Salam YI1SAL in Iraq on 20 Meter SSB.  In heavy QRM (deliberate and otherwise) and with half of Europe calling him, I was still able to sneak through.

N0UN working YI1SAL Iraq


For the deliberate QRMer breathing on his microphone causing intentional interference near the end of the recording, perhaps it’s time somebody should place a pillow over your head.  Me thinks that’s a quick cure for your breathing problem.

YI1SAL on QRZ Post on YI1SAL

I’m not sure what Salam’s YI1SAL QSL route is, or if he has an online log up, but if it’s out there I haven’t found it yet.  If I do find it in the near future, I’ll come back and update this post.

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  1. wahhab rzaaq says

    Hi WAYNE
    Salam yi1sal have a good QRM on his location 9 to +10 db the noise level …. so only clear and strong station can make a qso with him …. so you have a very good condition to make that nice qso … he is active on digital ” jt65″ that’s gave him a good chance to make more contacts …. and for qsl card he you can aske for an eqsl or send him direct to his address on …. or by bureau
    all the best de … YI3WHR

  2. yi1aks ahmed says

    good job yi1sal de yi1aks 73 from mesopotamia Iraq land of the sun

  3. Charly says

    I think we all should appreciate the efforts and personal risks OM’s in Mesopotamia undertake to keep Ham contacts with the outside world.
    Thanks to all of you –
    I visited Iraq in the early 80ties, certainly not the same today, but hope it wil get better soon.
    73, DF5VAE

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