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CY9C On The Air!

Pretty darn good signal from the Fella’s on the Saint Paul Island CY9C DXpedition.  Easy stuff.

N0UN working CY9C on 20M SSB


N0UN working CY9C on 40M CW


CY9C Website

Are you in the CY9C Log?

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A Paradigm Shift in DX Funding

noun: paradigm shift; plural noun: paradigm shifts

“a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions”

Over here in the “Gray Area” of my N0UN Blog, my lil’ coconut doesn’t function normally, but I embrace it (at times).  I do not like, “the establishment”.  I do not like, “par for the course”.  I do not like, “we’ve always done it this way”.

So I’m “thinking”…

DXpeditions need money to operate.  Some DXpeditions need a lot of money to operate.  Some DXpeditions take terrible operators on their DXpeditions because they have money, while great ops with no money sit home.  Some DXpeditions get pulled off course spending untold hours/days/months trying to find funding.  I imagine asking for a big $5,000 or $50,000 grant could be like having to get down on your knees and beg.  Most DX clubs don’t have enough money to offer a donation (or to be worth begging for).  Forget all that!

I have decided I’m going to take a half a million dollars and set up an account that DXpeditions can draw from to pay all expenses up front (fully vetted of course).  I’ll also take over the back end QSL duties where I will charge $100 for LoTW and QSL confirmations after the DXpedition is over to replenish the account.  Do I think 5,000 All Time New Ones (ATNO) for Bouvet will pay $100 each to replenish $500,000 I laid out?  Absolutely.

No more begging big foundations, clubs, donors, etc.  You come to me with your request.  You show me what you’ve done in the past.  You lay out your plans so I can see what the probabilities of success are – and when I approve your DXpedition I’ll write you the check for 300, 400, $500,000 dollars on the spot.  It’s that easy.  Of course when you cash that check, you’ll also be signing off on the back end of your DXpedition where I’ll be handling your QSL confirmations.

I’ll decide where and when I’ll upload your Q’s to LoTW, Club Log, eQSL, etc.  I’ll decide whether I’ll use the Bureau or not (probably not).  I’ll come up with the design of the cards.  I’ll also decide who will even get a card and all the other political stuff that goes with that.  You concentrate on putting together the best possible team of operators you can so you can hit 200,000 QSO’s.

I can tell you right now (all you frugal Hams that think somebody owes you Bouvet or some rare DX location), you will not owe the DXpedition a thing, you will owe me.  And I am not cheap, so start saving your money.  It should be easy to save your money because you’ll never have to donate to another DXpedition from here on out.  They don’t need your money, they have mine.  Think of all the money you’ll save!  And I really do need you to save your money, because eventually you will have to pay me.

Welcome to the new N0UN DXpedition Pay to Play DXpedition and QSL System, or NDXPTPDXQSLS for short.

Now, I still have to work out a couple small kinks in my system because like I said above, “So I’ve decided I’m going to take a half a million dollars” – well that statement reminded me of last night where I had a little too much to drink and my friends demanded that I, “take a cab home“.  Who was I to argue?  After the DUI checkpoint and that nice policeman waved the cab through, and after I made it home –  I let out a sigh of relief and went to bed.

I’ll be damned as to how and why there’s a cab sitting in my garage this morning.

heehee, “The Gray Area” at

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DXCC Land Based vs “Land Based”?

Here’s an email I got from a Gentlemen I’ll call “Carlos”:

Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2016 12:37:55 -0400
Subject: Does this make sense ??

Sup Wayne,
Congrats on your 331 truly amazing. Hopefully 1 day I’ll join Famous Group of Honor Roll.

Ok, As you know My name is Carlos from Puerto Rico (redacted) and would like to know your point of view on Dxpeditions being approved or not, since It really doesnt make sense:

For Example:
Here in PR we have an Island called Desecheo Island (Puerto Rico territory) but for some odd reason the US took over the island for research and experiment ohh blah blahh….

Why would I need a Permit to Operate from desecheo ?
Here comes the curve ball,

Every weekend Desecheo Island shore is fully packed of civilians with their family members and friends hanging out at the beach at desecheo, they do BBQ’s camping etc… then head back to the mainland approx.5-7min boat ride…

My question is, Can I go join the BBQ and turn my radio on to transmit from Desecheo island ? Its totally legal to be on shore on any island….

Just thinking while driving the North West Coast of PR and in Plain view there it is: Desecheo Island.

I chose to write you because I know you are 1 of the well known ham operator for being outspoken and talk your heart and mind…

Im no writer sorry for the many mistakes hi hi..

Muchas Gracias,

At face value it appears to be a very easy answer.  Something along the lines of; “it’s illegal to set foot on Desecheo Island without a permit”.

But not so fast!

The island is off limits, but around Desecheo (and several other islands) the waters are for public use and need no permitting.  It is legal to scuba, dive, boat, etc. around Desecheo.

Example:  Taino Divers – Desecheo Island

In several cases, I’ve found Land Ownership Laws do not start until the “high water mark”.  It’s called land above the “high water mark”, and shoreline and water below the high water mark.  The high water mark in many cases is legally described as the “highest wash of the waves”.  It’s possible this is how these weekend family BBQ’s and outings happen on the shore of Desecheo – legally.

You seeing where I am going with this?  Carlos takes a radio, battery and vertical to Desecheo on his family BBQ with hundreds of other weekend visitors – legally stays below the high water mark and operates his rig on the shoreline above water (and on land) – all without a permit.  Legal?  Pirate operation? Count for DXCC?

And just for you people that might say, “well, maybe the ARRL considers land-based to be just like the Land Ownership Laws and for Carlos to be counted as a land-based operation he has to operate above the High Water Mark.  Well, Mr. Land Law Expert, please answer me this:  how have hundreds of operations been approved operating from beaches BELOW the high water mark, even some with antennas in the water?  They’re not considered above the high water mark and on land, now are they?  You going to disqualify hundreds (if not thousands) of operations because they were not “land-based”?

If this is found to be some loophole in the DXCC Rules, then I’d imagine (like Carlos) you wouldn’t need a permit for a few other shoreline operations now would you?  Local Hams could make weekend excursions to some pretty rare places that take hundreds of thousands of dollars to activate presently.  And that’s good for Ham Radio.

Bring your arguments, but before you do, don’t just dismiss what you can’t see because it may be an opportunity.  Open your black and white mind and come visit us in the gray area of

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DXpedition Funding

Hello good readers of my Blog.

We all know sometimes in life you have to take one step back to move two forward.  This is the case for last couple posts you came here to read.  I have deleted the original text and replaced it with what you are presently reading.

The content that was here was based on a poor foundation.  And from a poor foundation comes the structure above that is not healthy for you, me, this Ham Radio hobby, future DXpeditions, or the DX community at large.

Through a long discussion with another passionate DX’er, N6PSE, we both decided that nothing we’ve Blogged about here or over at Paul’s Blog at was doing anybody any good, it was not furthering our hobby, nor was it helping anybody in the future get to where the DX community needs them to go – so we mutually decided to remove all of our text and comments to this point.

Thanks for your understanding.  Now let’s get back to DXing!  See you in the pileups!

73, Wayne N0UN

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P5 DPRK Activation May, 2016?

Hello good readers of my Blog.

We all know sometimes in life you have to take one step back to move two forward.  This is the case for last couple posts you came here to read.  I have deleted the original text and replaced it with what you are presently reading.

The content that was here was based on a poor foundation.  And from a poor foundation comes the structure above that is not healthy for you, me, this Ham Radio hobby, future DXpeditions, or the DX community at large.

Through a long discussion with another passionate DX’er, N6PSE, we both decided that nothing we’ve Blogged about here or over at Paul’s Blog at was doing anybody any good, it was not furthering our hobby, nor was it helping anybody in the future get to where the DX community needs them to go – so we mutually decided to remove all of our text and comments to this point.

Thanks for your understanding.  Now let’s get back to DXing!  See you in the pileups!

73, Wayne N0UN

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Backed In – DXCC Honor Roll

It’s been my observation that every so often in life you, “catch a break”.  “Right place at the right time” kind of thingy.  But in all cases I like to say, “you can’t win the lottery if you didn’t buy a ticket”.  You have to be ready to catch a break.

With VK0EK in the log and already credited in LoTW, I was ready to catch a break when the ARRL decided to delete Kingman Reef (KH5) from its DXCC program.  By deleting KH5, that dropped the active entities to 339 (from 340), but it also dropped the Honor Roll requirement from 331 to 330.  And guess who was sitting at 330?

Yep, I backed in.

I reflected on the hypocrisy of “backing in” for a few moments.  How could something I’ve been after for over 40 years; something I’ve chased; something I’ve spent my time and money on; something I really thought I wanted; something I thought I was earning; be handed to me without doing a damn thing but waking up that day?

And such is another lesson in life I guess.

So now I stand at the ready with my empty wheelbarrow waiting to catch another break when somebody backs in and fills it with $100 bills.  I’m on a roll ya’ know, why not?

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Ham Radio Inventions

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve invented something – just to find out it was already invented – years ago, hahahaha.

Look, there’s no better feeling than dreaming up a product or an idea and jumping out of bed at 3 AM like your hair is on fire, right?  Then there’s no worse feeling then finding YOUR invention on Google – available everywhere, to everyone, made by several manufacturers – and on the cheap.  Oh well, back to the drawing board.

My last hair brained idea was an extension of an idea a friend of mine had.  A guy with the same problem I have.  We just can’t leave “well enough” alone.  W9KNI’s idea was to turn on all your 12VDC shack accessories when you turn your radio on.  One button, everything on.  My thought was hell, why not turn on all your 120 VAC stuff too!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shut everything down just to find the space heater under my desk on when I come down in the morning.  Ooops.  How many times didn’t I shut something off?  Too many times to list.  And wouldn’t it be nice if I turned my radio on and 3 rotor boxes and a DC power supply feeding all my antenna switches, band pass filter, power meter, etc. all came on at the same time?

So I started drawing.  And I started researching.  I talked to another knowledgeable friend, Keith K0KE.  And now there were 3 of us chasing down the perfect idea.  The perfect idea that would double for running a remote control Ham Radio station.

And then I found our combined invention – on eBay.  I’m laughing as I write this.  It’s so damn simple I’m surprised I’ve never seen a Ham shack with one.  A 12VDC (Radio) activated, AC Power Strip.

DC Activated AC Power StripYep – most radios have a 12VDC low current draw source on the back that can operate these 12VDC, 120VAC power strips.  Better yet, you plug in your accessories that you want to turn on (with the radio switch) into a power strip that plugs into one of these:

Radio gets turned on, all peripheral equipment gets turned on.

Radio gets turned off – all peripheral equipment gets turned off.

Simple man, simple.

And I found a couple used ones on eBay for around $50 – so that took out all my incentive to manufacture one.  Hell, that find killed that invention now didn’t it?  But at least you got your Ham Shack Tip of The Day.

One of these days one of these inventions is gonna’ stick first, but for now – I’m going back to bed.  Maybe I’ll dream up a “light emitting diode” next. Oh…

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I received my North Korea P5/3Z9DX QSL card in the mail today.  I think only twenty some stations from all of North America got through and worked Dom.  In 43 years of QSL card collecting, this just may be my rarest QSL card to date (click to enlarge).

P5/3Z9DX QSL Card

P5/3Z9DX QSL Card

Now we wait for ARRL DXCC Desk acceptance.

P5/3Z9DX North Korea On The Air!

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2015 DX Marathon Claimed Scores

2015 DX Marathon Claimed Scores The 2015 DX Marathon claimed scores are now posted on the Website.

For 2015, I decided before the year long contest ever began that I was going to make an attempt to break the DX Marathon’s All Time World Record for World “Phone” I set in 2013 with 323.

And 2015 did not disappoint!

I ended up with a 328, 5 better.  40 zones + 7 CQ entities + 281 country entities.  I missed a couple relatively easy points on Phone, but I also bagged a few really rare ones too.  But isn’t that how it always goes?  You win some, you lose some.

The DX highlight of 2015 for me was working Dom P5/3Z9DX in North Korea (DPRK).  Not only a point in the Marathon, but personally Dom was an All Time New One (ATNO) for me.

When I first heard about the DX Marathon in 2012, I thought it was kinda’ neat.  I needed something like this to “rattle the cage” a bit.  After 4 decades plus in the hobby, I was bored.  Almost 4 years later this contest not only rattled the cage, but it redefined what I wanted from the hobby and it provided me the focus to put up some steel and improve my station.

And now after a three year hard run, I’m taking a break.  Just like I knew what I was going to do before the 2013, 14 and 15 contests began, I know what I wanted to do before the 2016 contest started.

Ham Supply / Idiom Press - Provides Amateur (Ham) Radio Digital CW and Voice Keyers, Rotor Controllers, LED Lighting, Noise Filters and Electronic KitsYou may have heard a few months ago I bought the assets of Idiom Press.  ARRL Article: Ham Supply Purchases Idiom Press.  Idiom Press is/was a Ham Radio electronics company founded almost 3 decades ago by another DX Marathon contestant Bob Locher, W9KNI.  I first noticed Bob in January, 2013.  He was a relentless DXer in damn near every pile-up I was in.  He seemed to be on every band, first on the scene, and he had a signal.  Sometimes he’d break the pile first, sometimes I did.  But no matter who broke the pile, he was always there.  I couldn’t help but notice him.

After a few moths of this “friendly” pile-up competition, the little voice inside my head was asking, “who the hell is this guy?”  Take my word for this, I didn’t enter the 2013 contest to lose, and this guy W9KNI was making me really work.  I mean really work.  I was getting up early to smoke out DX.  I was going to bed late because I was checking the bands.  I was using every tool known to man to get the jump on W9KNI just to try and beat him to the punch.

Well, he obviously noticed me too, lol.  I got an email from Bob introducing himself, then he sent me a copy of his book, “A Year of DX“.

And like the DX Marathon, I couldn’t put it down.  I read it in a day.  I read it so fast, I had to read it again – twice.

Now I understood.  Completely.

And 4 years later, here we are.  Best of DX competitors, and best of friends.  I’m taking the 2016 DX Marathon off to expand on the vision and company Bob started almost 30 years ago.  Have fun in those pile-ups, but don’t worry – if it’s something I want, I’ll still toss my N0UN hat in the ring!

All because of this little contest called the CQ DX Marathon and our mutual hobby of Amateur Radio.  The future is bright!  Good DX on ya’!

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K5P Palmyra Atoll On The Air!

K5P Palmyra Atoll was All-Time New One (ATNO) #330 for me – one more for DXCC Honor Roll!

It figures – I went out and fixed my 40 and 80 Meter Inverted “L” verticals today, then worked K5P on 17 and 20 Meters first, lol.

Great signals from Palmyra Atoll today, but then again this A-Team of DXpeditioneers knows exactly what they’re doing with propagation, rigs, filtering, power and antennas, so I’ve come to expect nothing but the best from them.

N0UN working K5P Palmyra Atoll 20M SSB


QSL K5P via OQRS, Buro and Direct

K5P Palmyra Website

K5P Online Log Check:

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FT4XU Kerguelen On The Air!

FT4XU Kerguelen IslandI guess my parents were right – “sometimes doing your homework pays off”.

Over the last few days I’ve noticed that Nicolas FT4XU on Kerguelen Island has a rhythm.  He usually starts off on or around 14.130 simplex, then when the pile-up forms he receives split up 5 – 10.  After a while operating on 14.130, he’s been immediately going to 14.330.  So when I heard him over the longpath on 14.130 this morning, I went and readied the gear for a run on 14.330 just in case he did what he had been doing in the past.  I’d have loved to work him on “nice and quiet” 14.130, but that portion of the band is out of our US Extra Class privileges.  So I waited.  And I waited a little more.  Then damnit, he just vanished!

But I had already set the VFO’s to RX on 14.330 and TX on 14.335 so I checked there, and in the midst of some heavy QRM both above and below from the net geezers, there he was!

50 watts, a shoulder high dipole out in the middle of absolute nowhere from Kerguelen Island over the longpath into Colorado.  All Time New One #329 for me – Ham Radio awesomeness!

N0UN working FT4XU Longpath UP 5 on 20 Meters



QSL FT4XU via F1ULQ direct.

Paper log only, no online log check offered.

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P5/3Z9DX North Korea On The Air!

Back from a family get-together, I wasn’t even in the door 5 seconds when my DX Cluster alarms were sounding “Papa Five Stroke Three Zulu Nine Delta X-Ray on Fifteen Meters”.

I thought for sure it was some kind of joke, but lo and behold – it was Dom!  I stumbled around reaching for the headset and setting up my receive DSP I almost forgot to turn the recorder on.  The abrupt end of this recording is because I was so jacked and discombobulated I hit the “Stop” button on the recorder instead of “Add” to log button.  Oh well, all time new one (ATNO) DPRK is in the bag.  And I’m still not quite sure why my record audio on the new FTDX-5000D is so “thin” and is not what I hear in the headset – me thinks it may be because I’m running the audio out to the recorder at the AF Out Jack (before amplification, shift, DSP, filtering, etc.) and not the Speaker Jack (full RX) audio like I used to do on my old FT-1000MP MK V.  Give it time, I’ll figure it out.

Gotta’ love this hobby!

N0UN working Dom P5/3Z9DX North Korea on 15 Meters SSB.


QSL P5/3Z9DX through OQRS at Club Log.  The link will be active when Dom gets home to Poland.

Online Log Check for P5/3Z9DX at Club Log

UPDATED (December 21 – 0130Z) – Actually he uploaded from China (I suspect).  The P5/3Z9DX Online Log (and link above) is now active. 784 QSO’s.  The Online QSL Request System (OQRS) is also ACTIVE.

And remember, Dom (3Z9DX) DOES NOT QSL any of his DXpeditions via the Bureau – Only direct and via OQRS!

Here’s a P5/3Z9DX Breaking News link on

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The 2015 DX Marathon Contest

CQ DX Marathon ContestIt’s been an interesting year for DX!

I’ve participated in CQ Magazine’s “DX Marathon” contest the last couple years, and 2015 was no exception.  I’ve been “all in” the entire year.  For those that don’t know of the contest, here’s a link to the DX Marathon Website.

Basically it’s a contest that runs the entire calendar year.  You work as many DX Entities as you can, then submit your logsheet by January 10th, 2016 to the Marathon Administrator.  They run your submission through a complex algorithm of broken calls, known pirates, etc., then score your results versus other competitors.  1st place in many categories such as band, overall, power level (and more) receives a plaque for their effort, while many other runner up, zones, countries and such can receive paper certificates.  Bob, W9KNI writes about his adventures from a few years ago in the book “A Year of DX“.

At a minimum, I’d be willing to bet the All-Time Overall records of 330 (held in a tie by OM3EY and PP5EG) and also North America (329) held by W9KNI, N0FW and K2TQC will get smashed this year.  I know I’m doing my part trying to break records this year!  And it may be a very long time before the winning scores of 2015’s contest will be challenged.  There were more DX Entities on this year than I’ve ever heard before, and there’s still a little over a month to go!

Like me, if you need a little kick in the ass to get motivated in Ham Radio again, this contest will get you motivated.  Personally, through 43 years a Ham – several times I’ve lost interest because of one thing or another.  Life is like that you know.  The 2016 contest starts in a little over a month so get ready to have a little fun.  Get on the air.  Get active.  Go get some!

See you in the pileups!

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VK9WA Willis Island On The Air

VK9WA WebsiteLooks like the Fella’s made it to Willis Island all OK.


There QRZ page says they’re going to try to upload their logs to Club log at least once a day.

VK9WA Online Log Check

Make a PayPal donation to VK9WA

VK9WA Website

VK9WA had a helluva’ signal on 40 Meters at 3 AM this morning!


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3B7FA On The Air

Ham Radio Pirates“3B7FA On The Air”

Was he?

Reports are surfacing that a pirate was quite busy on CW using Pat’s 3B7FA Callsign from rare St. Brandon the last few days.  People swear 3B8FA doesn’t “do” CW anymore, but until I read a quote or a post authored by Pat himself, well – we just don’t know for sure, now do we?

I’ll tell you what, whoever that was on CW a couple days ago was good.  I mean REAL good.  Accurate, fast and proficient.  That was no DX pileup rookie.

It does appear 3B8FA uses an Online Log at (but doesn’t use Club Log).

If Pat does upload when he gets home, he may post his online log here:

3B7FA Online Log Check at, or quite possibly here: 3B7FA Page on

“The suspense builds”

Here’s a couple recordings of 3B7FA (or pirate) working CW.  Sorry my CW tone was not being recorded for some reason (I haven’t figured that issue out yet).

N0UN working 3B7FA 20M CW


And here’s a much longer recording of 3B7FA (or a pirate) in action.  Listen close to the end of the recording when the Op says, “QRX 10 Min, problems with power” and goes QRT.  By the way – he never did come back.

3B7FA 20 Meters CW Recording Including QRT Message:


It’s sure going to be interesting when we do hear from Pat (3B8FA).  I’m hoping he was “real” as 3B6/3B7 Agalega and St. Brandon would be an All Time New One DXCC #328 for me.  If it was a pirate breaking my balls, well I hope I find the little weasel some day because I think I’ll have him check the “high voltage” circuit on my linear amplifier.


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4U70UN United Nations On The Air

WOW, what a pileup!

It’s been quite some time since 4U1UN has been on the air, and it sure showed.  The pileups were past immense.  I listened for an hour or so after I worked 4U70UN on both 17 Meters CW and SSB today, and because of the non-stop callers they were lucky to squeeze in a couple Q’s a minute.  I imagine if everybody only called once they could have worked a helluva’ lot more Hams, but such is the way things are nowadays.

N0UN working 4U70UN 17 Meters SSB


4U70UN QSL Information

4U70UN (4U1UN) Website

4U70UN Online Log Check at Club Log

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.  My guess?  More of the same.

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E30FB Eritrea On The Air

With all the solar storms we’ve had the last month or so, I didn’t think we’d have very good propagation to Africa while Zorro (JH1AJT) is operational from Eritrea (October 16 – 22nd, 2015).  Did I ever tell you what happens when I “think“?

N0UN working E30FB Eritrea 15M SSB


Support the Foundation for Global ChildrenQuite a good signal into Colorado I’d say.

Sure is great to see my world traveling friend Zorro getting on the air from these exceptionally hard places to activate like Myanmar, Mount Athos, Eritrea, etc.

QSL E30FB (for this operation) via Zorro’s home call:

PO Box 8
Oiso, Naka
KANAGAWA, 259-0111 Japan

Online Log Check for E30FB (this operation) at Club Log

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TX3X Chesterfield On The Air

Chesterfield TX3X Log & InformationLocal time on Chesterfield Island right now is:

TX3X Website

TX3X QSL Policy

Online Log Check for TX3X

Fun propagation this evening while trying to hunt down and work the Chesterfield Islands DXpedition – TX3X.  On 17 Meters they started loud on the long path and were non-existent on the short path.  30 minutes later they were “barely there” on both paths.  Another 30 minutes later and not a peep on the long path, but strong on the short path (and in the log).

N0UN working TX3X Chesterfield 17M CW:


N0UN working TX3X Chesterfield 20M CW:


N0UN working TX3X Chesterfield 17M SSB:


N0UN working TX3X Chesterfield 15M SSB:


N0UN working TX3X Chesterfield 15M CW:


See ya’ in the pileups!

TX3X QRM on Lid List

Amateur Radio's Lid List


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A Little Bit Different

My Blog here at is just like me – “a little bit different”.

Over time I’ve seen and read other Ham Radio related Blogs, and to tell you the truth I specifically built this Blog because I thought a bunch of them suck.  Some of them really suck.

Seems all you get on most other Blogs were the Blog owners “opinions”.  No news, no nothing – just the Blog owners opinion.  Well, in my opinion – opinions are like assholes.  Everyone has one, and they all stink.  How’s that for an opinion?

Some blowhard Ham Radio related Blog owners are quick to point out that “they’re the best”, or the “most visited”, or the “most enlightening”, or the “most experienced”, blah, blah, blah – blah, blah, blah, blah….  Yeah, well whatever.

Sure, I occasionally Blog about what interests me, but take a good look around because there’s a lot more than my part-time posts.  On every page there’s FOUR different DX news feeds, a dynamic world clock showing local times right now, active solar and sunspot numbers, direct links to sites like, eHam, QTH, etc. and so much more.  All constantly updated, all current, all the time.

World Times Now at

World Times Now at is kinda’ like a one stop shop for DXers.  If it’s happening, it’s accessible from here.  And that’s why I built and maintain  I keep ONE window open on my computer.  From that single window I can read Col’s (MM0NDX) scrolling across the top of every page, or I can view DX news from, or the ARRL feeds from column right.  I can see it’s 1:01 AM local time here in Denver, 4:01 PM in Japan and 10:01 AM in Moscow all in one quick glance.  If I want to go look somebody up on, I don’t have to go open up another window and type in, I just click their logo.  Same with Classifieds and other relevant Ham radio sites – one click and in.

And if you haven’t noticed by now, here’s a couple more things.  I am not PC (politically correct) and you don’t see any annoying as hell advertisements, pop-up windows or any other kind of that bullshit around here either.  You want lame ass Google ads, pop-up windows, corny theme songs and crap like that then go visit somebody else’s Blog.  Maybe they need the extra dollar or two a day their ads make to survive in this hobby of ours (click, click).  If you want DX news, then we’re glad to have you here. can be another useful tool in you, the DXer’s toolkit.  Use it, bookmark it, abuse it, or ignore it – it’s up to you.

That’s it for now Good Reader of  I’m tired.  Oh, if you think I’m missing something ’round here or you’d like something added, drop me an e-mail and if we think it worthy, we’ll add it.  See you in the next big pile-up!

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D67GIA Comoros On The Air

Ken (LA7GIA) is on the air from D6 Comoros.  D67GIA had a pretty good signal into Colorado yesterday afternoon.  I needed Comoros for my 2015 DX Marathon contest submission so I threw my call into the pileup for a chance to work him.

N0UN working D67GIA Comoros 20 Meters CW


N0UN working D67GIA Comoros 17 Meters CW


According to Ken’s Website (, it appears he will be operating as D67GIA until September 23rd, 2015.  Later this year (from Nov 12- 23th) Ken will be operating from Equatorial Guinea as 3C7GIA.

There’s a Paypal Button on if you’d like to assist Ken and help offset some of his DXpedition expenses.  DXpedition Donation Page.

Ken has already updated his online log from his first day of D67GIA operations (460 QSO’s).  Here’s the log check link below:

D67GIA Online Log Check at Club Log

LA7GIA Website

Good luck, see you in the pileups!

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