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9X0TA Rwanda On The Air

Rwanda 9X0TAWell that was neat!  I was cruising 15 Meters with the beam to Africa when I heard a Stateside station calling “CQ Contest”.  But then he kept stumbling over the call of the DX station that was calling him.  “Nine alpha?  Nine echo?  No, it was 9X0TA in Rwanda, lol.  He couldn’t believe it.

So I chased Alan up the band a few kHz, and this is the back half of our QSO.

I’d say that Hexbeam at almost 20′ is really working well!

N0UN working 9X0TA 15M SSB



9X0TA – Alan’s Website

9X0TA Online Log Check at Club Log

Well, that was quick (click to enlarge)!

9X0TA on LoTW

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VK9CI Cocos-Keeling On The Air!

Iota OC-002 and OC-003 Christmas and Cocos Keeling IslandsCocos Keeling Island VK9CI (OC-003) DXpedition October, 2017 is on the air!

Cocos Keeling Island from October 10th -17th

VK9XI/VK9CI Website


Online Log Check

Not as strong as they were from Christmas Island (VK9XI), but workable from Cocos-Keeling as VK9CI!

N0UN working VK9CI Cocos-Keeling 20M CW


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3C1L Equatorial Guinea On The Air!

3C1L Equatorial Guinea FlagWell, that was a pleasant surprise!  YL3AIW (Kaspars) and YL2GM (Yuris) are operating as 3C1L in Equatorial Guinea, and just as I was reading their news they popped up on 17 Meters CW and I just happened to be tuned up and on 17 Meters at the time!

Easy work when they have a great signal like that.  I hope they have that same signal from Annobon.  I need Annobon for a slew of bandfills.

Check the 3C1L/3C0L Website for all their information.

N0UN working 3C1L 17M CW


3C1L Online Log Check at Club Log


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SU/DM4DX Egypt On The Air

SU/DM4DX QSL CardI’ve seen several DX Cluster spots for SU/DM4DX in Cairo, Egypt over the last few weeks but I wasn’t quite ready to throw my hat into the ring because Chris’s signal has been low into Colorado.  I could hear him on 15 Meters a few times, but it always seemed he had a swarm of Italians calling, and until now appeared there was zero chance of getting through.

Come to find out in our QSO he hasn’t worked anybody from North America yet either.

Until this morning!

I could hear him OK but again it seemed hopeless.  I had just about given up thinking I had a chance, especially with 15 Meters pretty much dead every day – then Ham Radio “magic” happened.

Listen close.  Very, very close.  After almost 45 years in this hobby, I do believe you can tune your ears to hear a pin drop at 1,000 feet.  5/7?, no just plain courtesy my fellow DXers.

N0UN working SU/DM4DX on 15 Meters SSB


DM4DX Blog


SU/DM4DX on DX World

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VK9XI Christmas Island On The Air

IOTA OC-002, OC-003Christmas Island VK9XI (OC-002) & Cocos Keeling Island VK9CI (OC-003) DXpedition October, 2017 is on the air!

Christmas Island from October 2nd – 10th
Cocos Keeling Island from October 10th -17th

VK9XI/VK9CI Website


Online Log Check

What a signal from VK9XI Christmas Island this morning on 20 Meters SSB:

N0UN working VK9XI 20M SSB


N0UN working VK9XI 17M CW


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What Happened Here?

Bhutan FlagWhat happened to Ham Radio?

How can you call when you cannot hear the station you’re calling?  There’s so much wrong with this DX pileup it isn’t even funny.

A5A, Champ in Bhutan specifically calls certain stations on 20 Meters tonight, but they get run over by other stations not being called.  It happens so many times I couldn’t keep track.

And station after station are calling A5A while A5A is talking – how does that work?

One K9 station works A5A with 3 different callsigns, and his voice never changes.  You can tell exactly who it is because his audio is so bad his calls stick out like sore thumbs (all 3 of them).  Can you pull the 3 callsigns he used at the 06:40, 08:55 and 12:00 minute marks?  And no, not a single one is a club call.   Must’ve been sooo exciting to call your Buddy’s on the phone and tell them they both worked Bhutan, right?  That’s no friend in my opinion.

Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy the next 20 minutes – it’s worse than you think.  Good grief.

20 Minutes of A5A Bhutan Pileup on 20 Meters


Oh my.


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“SDR in Europe”

DX Cluster DunceI saw some DX Cluster Spots for a few 40 Meter DX stations this morning, but turns out it’s the same old roundtable group of Lids self-spotting.  No chance to work the DX.

All these Lids are on the West Coast.

Nothing new there as these asshats have been self-spotting for years, but what did catch my attention this morning was they briefly discussed the remote receiver stations they use.  They log into Web SDR Receivers around the world to listen to DX and to also hear their own signals.  I think the guy who was talking about the remote receivers in Europe this morning broke their secret code or something because they sure changed the topic quickly, lol.  I suspect they didn’t want that news to leak out.

“I think I’ll start calling them the “40 Meter Kardashian Selfie Spotters”, or maybe the “Kardashian Clan”.

If the day comes I can’t work a DX station from my QTH (both tx and rx), I don’t need Ham Radio – I’ll pick up the phone.

What a waste of the DX Cluster window.  Narcissism is, as narcissism does.

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QRO vs. QRMIt’s come to my attention that a few simpletons in our hobby believe that high power stations (QRO) are somehow worse than QRM.  Some of these “little pistols” (they call themselves) believe “big gun” (high power, high gain antenna) guys have some sort of unfair advantage, and on more than a few occasions have cost little pistols some QSO’s.  They say these QRO guys and their big stations are bad for the hobby.  QRO stations are examples of what’s not needed (or wanted) in our great hobby.

I think it’s kinda’ creepy they think this way.

My thoughts are a high power station’s odds of working that rare DX station in a pile-up are much better than some low power station.  A QRO station that does have a clue in what he (or she) is doing, well, they’re in and out of most DX pile-ups rather quickly.  One and done.  Sometimes in seconds.  A little anti-climatic, but nonetheless – it’s over.  Free to go cut the grass.  Change the oil in the car.  Go for a ride on the motorcycle.  They’re surely not cluttering up the airwaves or taking up bandwidth, right?  Through years, even decades in this hobby you assemble knowledge and you build a station capable of hearing (and being heard), and now you’re expected to step aside for some little pistol because he’s been calling for hours?  He’s “entitled” to a QSO because he’s a little pistol?  Bwahahahahaha, now that’s  funny!

Ham Radio QRO vs. QRMAnd while Mr. QRO is out to dinner with his wife, the low power G5RV guys are still calling, and calling, and calling, and calling, and bitching, and complaining on forums and chat boards – hours, sometimes even days later.  I’ve also know a few of these QRO complaining clowns that after hours and hours of calling, they never did work the DX station, but they feel if you called enough times and sent $5 USD then that counts for a legitimate QSO.  I did not know that was considered a Ham Radio two-way contact!

So who is really the QRM?  The QRO guy that’s in and out, or the little pistol guy that incessantly calls for hours, days, maybe even weeks?  Even when they forget they’re operating split once every 10 or 20 calls, that’s still 100 times too many to call on the DX transmit frequency.

Seems to me these QRO complaining Lids have got their panty’s in a twist – over nothing.

There’s room in this hobby for everybody.  QRP, QRO, and everything in between.  But when you start throwing your opinion around, remember others have opinions too.  It works both ways, just as a real two-way QSO should, QSL?

Life’s too short for QRP.

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Phantom DX Cluster Spot

Unbelievable.  It’s 9:15 PM local time here in Denver and the DX Cluster Alarm screams, “Kilo Nine Radio X-Ray Spotted Victor Kilo Zero Zulu Lima On Twenty One Point Two Eight Five Megahertz“.

So what do thousands of Hams around the world who have “VK0” alarms set do?  They fire up their amps and swing their antennas while going to 21.285 – we all go hunting that rare VK0 that was spotted by a Stateside station.  That’s what DXers do.  Could be Macquarie.  Could be Antarctica.  Could be some VK0 that slipped the news.

And what do we find?

K9RX Phantom VK0 SpotK9RX in South Carolina purposely “phantom spotted” VK0ZL so he could drum up DX on 15 Meters.  There is no VK Zero, there was no VK Zero, there’s not going to be a VK0.  Click to enlarge.

Listen to this explanation:

K9RX Justifies His Self Spot of Phantom VK0ZL


Boy, what a way to get attention.  Well, you wanted the attention, you got it.  Be careful of what you wish for comes to mind…

Good grief.

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3W3RR/Jail Roman (Romeo) Vega QSL

Originally posted on May 1st, 2015

3W3RR/Jail QSL CardI like QSL cards.

Through 43 years of on again, off again Ham Radio I have boxes upon boxes of QSL cards. Thousands of them. 99% are everyday QSL cards, but there’s a few that stand out.  The one I received today is on top of my short list of memorable cards.

Presently Romeo is locked up at Lompac Federal Correctional Institution in California.  As his QSL card states, “As of the day your QSL arrived, 12 years 3 months of continuous incarceration have passed since my February 2003 arrest in Cyprus, and my subsequent extradition into the hands of the United States.”

If you don’t know who Romeo is, you haven’t been a Ham for very long.  I don’t pass judgement on Romeo as I don’t know the facts.  I do know nobody’s heard his DX signal in a long, long time.

Here’s a few links to some information on Romeo.

3W3RR/Jail Roman Vega Website (

A long list of Romeo’s past Ham Radio DXpeditions

3W3RR/Jail QSL CardI’ll bet you, the good reader of this Blog didn’t know that although the United States accounts for 5% of the world’s population, the US accounts for 25% of the entire worlds prisoners.

Let that sink in for a bit.

Incarceration in the United States via Wikipedia


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SV2/SV1RP/A Mt. Athos On The Air

SV2/SV1RP/AWhen I saw the DX Cluster spot for SV2/SV1RP/A on 20 Meter CW something about that call caught my attention.  Then I remembered.  Mount Athos!

Anybody know if George (SV2/SV1RP/A) has been DXCC approved?  George was there on Mount Athos a few years ago too.  From this article on DX Coffee it appears George trained Monk Lakovos (SV2RSG/A) who earned his ticket in 2015.

I believe George and Monk Lakovos operated from the Koutloumousiou Holy Monastery, and Elder Apollo (SV2ASP/A) operates from the Dochiariou Holy Monastery.  If I remember what Zorro (JH1AJT) told me a few years ago when he was on Mount Athos, there’s something like 20 or 21 Monasteries on Mount Athos.

As you can hear in the recording below, my hand was shaking so much from all the excitement, I barely gave George his report and number, lol.

N0UN working SV2/SV1RP/A 20M CW



QSL SV2/SV1RP/A via SV1RP Direct


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Who Is N0UN?

I was looking at some Ham Radio Blogs today and even though I find other Ham’s Blogs “technically” interesting, it dawned on me that almost all of them (mine included) are not “personally” interesting.  They’re all about DXing, antennas, contests, radios, etc., but very few of them have anything to say about the person who’s writing the Blog post.  You may catch a picture (or two) of them at some radio convention or swapmeet, maybe even a snapshot of them in their Ham Shack, but that’s about it.

So I figure I’m gonna change that right here, right now.

I’m 56 – born in August, 1960.  I’ve been a Ham 43 years.  My first callsign at 12 in 1973 was WN8QFB.  I have two awesome kids and three grandchildren.  I’ve been married 25 years to my flight attendant wife.  I love my family, Harley-Davidson Road Glide, lifting weights and of course I love my Ham Radio.

Somebody once said, “a picture is worth a thousand words” – here’s a few that speak volumes (click to enlarge):

My granddaughters:

My granddaughters

My wife:

My wife

Some of my non Ham Radio friends (you may recognize a few):

My friends

With some gym friends (will arm wrestle for food):

My gym friends

“STOP!  MOMMY!” – my three grandkids:


My 2nd Grade Report Card – nothing has changed:

2nd Grade - nothing's changed

Now a days I run a little Ham Radio company called “Ham Supply” that used to be called, “Idiom Press”.

Ham Supply

Rocky FlatsBack in the day I was a supervisor of “trucking” and a building specific nuclear material transport coordinator at a place near Denver called Rocky Flats.

After Rocky Flats I founded and ran a motorcycle rental company that I sold in 2004/5.

I live up here on the ridge southeast of Denver, a place we call “RF Alley”.  There’s quite a few Hams up here, including my buddy Keith, K0KE (he’s the famous “zero kilo echo”, lol).

And there it is – now you know a little about me and have a face to match up to my voice and Blog.

See you ’round the pileups!


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E31A Eritrea, Thin!

EritreaIn 44 plus years in this hobby, I’ve come to learn there’s big signals, no signals and everything in between.  I call those extra weak signals “thin”.  It can very well be thin signals build up as propagation shifts, but it also can be that with “barely there” thin signals that’s all you’re gonna’ get – and there ain’t no more.  After listening to E31A in Eritrea on 17 Meters for an hour this morning I decided they weren’t getting any louder so I gave it a shot – my best shot with 3 elements and 1,500 watts.

The recording below is about as thin as you can get.  You may have to listen to it a few times to adjust your ears to the QSO.

N0UN working E31A Eritrea 17 Meters SSB


QSL E31A via Zorro, JH1AJT or OQRS at Club Log (upon return)

E31A Online Log Check at Club Log

Some Photos of E31A from Champ E21EIC at DX Coffee

–·- ··· –

UPDATED (May 23rd, 2017):

N0UN working E31A 40 Meters SSB


N0UN working E31A 20 Meters SSB



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VU7KP Lakshadweep On The Air

VU7KP LakshadweepI’m not sure what’s wrong with people anymore.  They talk but don’t listen.  They speak without being spoken to.

We finally had a short 20 Meter opening to VU7KP on Lakshadweep Island, but only a few North American stations got through because Krish had to keep asking Europeans to stand by as he was calling “the America’s” only.  Every single QSO I heard VU7KP make was contested.  He rarely got a call on the first “hear” because of the non-stop intentional interference.

To make matters worse, when he was zeroing in on say, “who’s the Whiskey Seven, the Whiskey Seven only” – every VE3, Kilo Seven, and W6 kept calling.  One specific Ham with an obnoxiously long tape recording never heard him calling for “WHISKEY SEVEN ONLY” because I suspect his callsign recording was so damn long he couldn’t hear what the DX station was saying.  Kinda’ like putting your fingers in your ears and saying nah nah nah nah nah.  If you don’t hear it, he didn’t say it, right?  Between the Europeans not knowing what continent they’re on, and the North American stations not knowing their own callsign, and people calling on VU7KP’s frequency – it was slow going and very, very few stations go through.

Anyway, if you’re going to chase DX in this hobby these days, you have to develop some thick skin.  You have to let it roll off your back.  Do what I do when I need to vent my frustrations – get a blog like this and vent there, not in the pileups.

N0UN working VU7KP 20 Meters SSB



VU7KP OQRS and Online Log Check at Club Log

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A52AEF Bhutan On The Air

Bhutan A52AEFA51AEF in Bhutan had a booming signal into Colorado this morning.  I think Joe-san was just as surprised to hear the United States as we were to hear him.  Propagation was excellent this morning.

N0UN working A52AEF 20M SSB


A52AEF on



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