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US Stations Spotted on DX Cluster

(Republished from my original January, 2014 article)

DX Cluster before US filter spotsI don’t know about you, but I am tired of seeing US Stations spotted on my DX Cluster.  It’s a waste of my valuable computer window space and besides, it’s called a DX Cluster for a reason.  Imagine that.

It’s not just US stations being spotted by DX, but I am REALLY tired of US stations spotting US stations!  Stuff like this ARRL point contest and NPOTA thingy is out of control in my opinion.  Really, how many times can W1AW be spotted?

Well, I did something about it.

If you are using Ham Radio Deluxe with a cluster node that is utilizing DX Spider software like I am (WA9PIE, GB7MBC, HB9DRV, etc.), here’s a few simple instructions.  For nodes utilizing CC Cluster software (VE7CC, W0MU, etc.), those commands are at the bottom of this article.

From your HRD Cluster Window (that shows your DX Cluster Spots), click “Show”

Then click, “Console”

Copy and paste this filter command into the “Command” window that is now showing:

reject/spot 0 call_dxcc 226

Press “enter” on your keyboard.

That’s it.  Whatever node you are on will remember that this filter is on, and the next time you log in it will load it automatically.  You only need to do it once.

Now, once you entered that command, there will be no more US station spots.  US stations can still spot any DX station (they will all show in your spotting window), but NO US Callsigns will be shown in your DX station column.  For example, even if a Russian spots W1AW/5, it will not show.

When you start HRD, it will show all spots (including US) until it loads up the standard commands, then the filter kicks in.  So don’t panic when you first restart (or start) your DX Cluster window, no more US spots will show in the DX column after it has booted.

The occasional special call like “N4D” or some off-the-wall special call like that may still sneak by, but all normal United States stations (like W1AW, yours and mine) will not.

If you ever want to cancel the filter, type this command:

clear/spots all

I’ve just compared my DX Cluster Window against all the unfiltered spots on DX Summit.  There must be a couple hundred United States spots that are NOT showing in my HRD Cluster window now!  Beautiful man, just beautiful.

For DX Cluster Nodes using CC Cluster software, these are the commands:


and to clear the filter:


And there ya’ go!  Live in peace with no US spots (and self-spots) on the DX Cluster!  Did I mention it’s a DX Cluster?

Take a look at the DX Cluster spots before and after the USA callsign filter (click to enlarge):

Before the US callsign filter (a whole two DX stations):

DX Cluster before US filter spots

After the US callsign filter (all DX stations):

DX Cluster after US filter spots


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9 Responses

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  1. A.J. says

    NA is DX for everyone else 😉

  2. William Goswick says

    I too, am tired of seeing non-DX spots on the DX Clusters. Unfortunately, I don’t use Ham Radio Deluxe. I wish all of the DX Clusters would provide a selectable filter feature that would enable users to filter out non-DX spots.

    • N0UN says

      Just use that specific command Bill. It works with all DX Cluster software.

      • William Goswick says

        Thanks, I’ll try it.

    • N0UN says

      If your node you connect to is using DX Spider software, use this command:

      reject/spot 0 call_dxcc 226

      If the node you connect to is using CC Cluster software, use this command:


      You can usually see what software your node is using when you logon.


  3. Steven says

    Any way to reject the NPOTA Only. I’m a big on 6 meters and from California to Nevada or Texas is DX for 6m. band and some 10m. too depending on the cycle. but will agree with the NPOTA is crazy, like half the spots are for them.

  4. Tom says

    A.J. makes a good point about NA being DX for the rest of the world. Note that the NPOTA Program will end in three days, but it has been of great interest to many radio amateurs in the USA and around the world. Just listen to the pile-ups it has created.
    You can always use the filters on DX Watch to be selective. By the way, years before Internet and VHF Net spotting, the old fashion way of listening, listening, and listening was a very effective way to find rare DX. Many of you still use that method, and it is still rewarding. You don’t have to rely on spotting to find the rare ones!

  5. Alan NE2X says

    Thank God I am not listed….

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