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What Happened Here?

Bhutan FlagWhat happened to Ham Radio?

How can you call when you cannot hear the station you’re calling?  There’s so much wrong with this DX pileup it isn’t even funny.

A5A, Champ in Bhutan specifically calls certain stations on 20 Meters tonight, but they get run over by other stations not being called.  It happens so many times I couldn’t keep track.

And station after station are calling A5A while A5A is talking – how does that work?

One K9 station works A5A with 3 different callsigns, and his voice never changes.  You can tell exactly who it is because his audio is so bad his calls stick out like sore thumbs (all 3 of them).  Can you pull the 3 callsigns he used at the 06:40, 08:55 and 12:00 minute marks?  And no, not a single one is a club call.   Must’ve been sooo exciting to call your Buddy’s on the phone and tell them they both worked Bhutan, right?  That’s no friend in my opinion.

Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy the next 20 minutes – it’s worse than you think.  Good grief.

20 Minutes of A5A Bhutan Pileup on 20 Meters


Oh my.


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3 Responses

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  1. John KE7B says

    Howdy. I was listening to that pileup, but unfortunately only hearing the stateside half. Out here on the Pacific coast, it’s been almost impossible to work A5A. VOACAP for us spells it graphically for us. 20M will only work for the few ops with massive arrays and a ton of power. A simple 30 min stint on 17M between 00-02UTC would give us a fair chance, and working SPLIT.
    It’s not rocket science. 🙂

  2. N0LSD says

    I had the privilege to work an Azores station this past weekend on 20mSSB that really managed his pileup well – working by call area, providing plenty of opportunity for callers from each call area, then moving on after he’d exhausted the list. –and I worked the Azores station as a QRP station! So, while it is certainly the case that there are examples of poor operating, there are also plenty of examples of really professional operating out there, as well.

    • N0UN says

      I’ve listened to the A5A operation several times and in almost all cases they start off simplex, then go split as the pileup forms. A good use of bandwidth. I have no issues with how ANY DX station chooses to operate, it’s always the clowns, QRMers, and clueless callers that can ruin the fun.

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